Carmel Knottenbeld - Sirva Relocations

Over the years, SIRVA Relocations has had many dealings with Lara in sourcing and securing good quality rental properties for our corporate clients.

Lara has long been identified as a premium agent in Brisbane’s Real Estate market. 

I have worked with Lara for a number of years sourcing high-end properties for my executive clients.  Her attention to detail has ensured an easy and smooth transition for my clients into their new home and environment.

Lara expertise in the rental market and consistent approach, allows both owner and tenant to encompass a successful working relationship during their tenancy.    This process has been supported by an excellent property management team.


I wish to thank Lara for her dedication to the industry and I look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.


Kind Regards 


Carmel Knottenbeld

Relocation Consultant

SIRVA Relocations